We awoke to a cloudy cool Saturday with a forecast of showers to come. Left the apartment about 8:15 headed to the metro which whisked us the two stops to Termini, Rome’s main station. We were there before 8:45 so we probably could have enjoyed a few more zzzzzzs, but it did give us time to have a cappachinno and split a ham and cheese sandwich and a very tasty breakfast roll of almonds and nutella. We then headed up to the platform to find out which binnaro (platform) would be the one for our train to Cittavechia, Rome’s port. In Italy, they don’t post the binnario until 10 or 15 minutes before the trains arrival, so you end up with a crowd of people standing around looking up at the board waiting for their platform number to appear.

Mike jokes that we have never gotten aboard a ship before someone comes up to me and says, “aren’t you Clay from Cruise Critic?” (Cruise Critic is the cruising forum I am very active on to plan our excursions, meet others on “our” cruise, etc.). Well today was a first, while standing waiting for the binnario number, someone I have been chatting on Cruise Critic, came up sand said……well you can figure it out!

Train was uneventful, albeit a little full and a few minutes late. We made the easy walk from the station to the port gate, took the port provided shuttle bus to the cruise terminal, checked in without waiting at all, walked aboard at 11:15, about 30 minutes after we got off the train. All in all the easiest embarkation ever.

Had a bottle of bubbly from Mike’s college friend Tommy waiting in the room, along with the free bottle of house wine that was included in the cruise deal we got from Costco. We are saving the bubbly to have at the official birthday dinner for Yost and Mike on Tuesday along with the bottle of Red that Ken bought in Rome for us to bring aboard…speaking of which, my theory holds, you can usually carry aboard just about any wine you want in a European port….no corkage fee was charged or asked about for that bottle, nor the one I bought for 1.97€ at the super market in Rome.

Got into the room about 1:30. I had kept the fact that I had upgraded us during a sale last fall from our inside cabin to a balcony. He looked at me funny when I said you missed our room as we walked down the hall and pointed to our door. He almost said (but then caught himself when he realized what I had done) how did the but an inside cabin on the outside of the ship.LOL

Had a very nice dinner in the main diNing room, little steak and a very nice sized lobster tail, not the usual big shrimps they serve.

Seas are a little rough but it should make for great sleep, which is where I am headed.

Tomorrow, Napoli, Almalfi Coast and Pompeii!

2 thoughts on “Jade.

  1. Really enjoying your blog Clay, We have a ton of questions for you when you get back. Just stop forgetting to take pictures lol. 😉


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