Arrivederci Roma

Had a wonderful last day of sightseeing in Rome. We started out with a a guided tour of the coliseum that took us to the lower level and to the very top. Pretty amazing building for being 2000+ years old. Afterwards, we made it inside the pantheon during a midday rainstorm…I had never see rain fall through the oculus and then drain, so the rain didn’t bother me. Afterwards, we had another delicious lunch and then headed back to the apartment via St. Peter in Chains. This church has what are purportedly the chains which bound St. Pete and a sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo. While impressive, it is no David, but glad to have finally seen it in person after having seen pictures during art history class. We also stopped to check out Ken’s digs. A 14 room luxury hotel right on the Forum. Very nice place but seemed like we had to walk up hill both ways to get there!

After a short rest, we repacked

the bags…it was a struggle to fit everything in, so that we will be ready to head to the ship in the morning.

Ken found this great restaurant for Yost’s birthday dinner-his birthday is officially tomorrow. It is a salami, cured meats and cheese store by day and a fine dining establishment by night. It was incredible. Pictures and descriptions below.

Since I am not willing to pay Norwegians high prices for lousy Internet, I am not sure when I will post next. I intend to write them each day and hopefully we will find wifi in ports so I can “publish” them. If not, look for a slew when we get back to the US on May 4th. Until then, arriverderci!

Walking onto the floor of the Coliseum.
The view up
The view towards the area under where the floor was. Some of the supports are just that,others are e,evaporate shafts, in the second picture you can see the groves where the ropes went….amazing
Under the floor

We then climbed back up to the entry level and then up to where the middle class set, here is what they saw

Then we climbed…and I do mean climbed, all the way to the upper most section where the regular folk and women sat. There view was more like what I am used to seeing at a Canes match at PNC arena, except I think these folks might have had more leg and shoulder room!

Also some great views of Rome and the Forum


And the crowds waiting to get in




For lunch, Mike had carbonara and I had risotto made with radicchio and Gorgonzola


And then we had amazing gelato at this little place….I had Armagnac, Mike had basil, someone else had clementine….all were extraordinary

St Peter's Chains, Moses, and some interiors of the church


The restaurant for dinner and the cases in the entry









For our antipasti course we shared a platter of cured meats, a platter of marinated veggies, a platter of truffled mortadella, and a ball of buffalo mozzarella and semi dried cherry tomatoes and a delicious bottle of wine from Tuscany.



For dinner I had pasta with cheese and pepper and mike had their carbonara, which rather than being made with pancetta, was made with fried pig cheek…it was pretty amazing. For my second plate I had grilled squid and Mike had their meatballs. Both were great. The meatballs had been made with a little bit of smoked cheese which really added to them. We finished with panda cotta for me and chocolate fondue for Mike. So much for our 200o calorie diet today!!!






Not sure why the pictures aren’t loading in order….and it’s time for bed so not going to fix them…the last picture is of the mozzarella and tomatoes after we had done some damage to it.

And as we finish our too short time in Rome, a few general pictures…..see y’all soon





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