Duomo & Vivi e Vecchi Sapori

Sprinkling and chilly when we arrived in Florence. Made our way without too much trouble to our hotel. It is on the fourth floor but thankfully they have an elevator of sorts. When Mike and I get in it together, we literally fill it wall to wall!

After settling in we headed out with no particular plan. It began to rain a bit so we went into the Duomo, Florence’s incredible cathedral. Apparently others had the same thought, it was packed.




For dinner, I had our hotel make reservations at this tiny place I had read about. It is a family run place. Mom cooks, Dad is at a bar in the center of the room and hand cuts salmi, cheese, etc for antipasti and son Thomas greets and takes everyone’s order. The menu is handwritten and there are four or five copies they hand around. Everything is fresh, simple and wonderful. They recently expanded from 16 seats to 28 so reservations are a must. We watched Thomas turn away at least four or five parties. You sit where he finds you room. We shared the first half of our meal with a couple from NJ who were dining for the second time before heading home. The second half was with an Italian mom, dad, and their college grad aged son. It was great, not just the food but the attmosphere…it’s what you think of when you hear, “the little Italian place”




The last picture was of Poppa and Thomas when they were younger and was hanging on the wall at our table.

We started with anti pasta which I forgot to photograph, hand cut prosciutto and fresh mozzarella and a salad of shaved artichokes and arugula. Then we has two pastas, papelledelle with duck sauce and a rigatoni but larger shape with zucchini blossoms and saffron. Both where good but the duck was incredible. For ny seconds, I had Osso Bucco with wonderful peas and Mike had chicken cacciatore with black olives and the best roasted potatoes. Both ere very tasty but I think mine was better. For s we split a meringue cake-layers of dried meringue and cream. We also had some pecorino to finish up our liter of chianti.








5 thoughts on “Duomo & Vivi e Vecchi Sapori

  1. Clay and Mike – so pleased that your journey is going well. I look forward to hearing about your trip to Pompeii as I spent my 50th there! The pictures are great and am totally envious of the beautiful food. Hugs to you both – Margarete H.


  2. I am sooooo missing Italy right now!! First time in 11 years we will not be there in May. This year’s trip is in September. I can taste each one of those dishes you posted pics of! God I am hungry for Italy right now!!


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