A bordo del treno

It’s 1:19 pm and we are on board the frecciargento (fast train) from Venice to Florence, using the all but free wifi (it cost one cent). Just finished sharing a mortadella sandwich and a prosciutto sandwich with Mike. We also finished some delicious macaroons we bought our first night in Venice. One was passonfruit, another Mexican spicy(not really) chocolate, and one vanilla. We are to arrive in Florence at 2:30. No real plans for today, have tickets for David and the medici chapel for tomorrow morning.

This morning, before we checked out of Gio & Gio, we took the vaporetto over to San Giorgio, it’s the island just across from San Marco. It has a beautiful church designed by Pallidio. It was great because there were only about six people in the church with us, so different than at San Marco. We went up in the campanile (bell tower) for a great view of all of Venice. We were the only ones up there once the French grandfather and grandson left. It was pretty amazing when the bells started tolling 10 am!

The Grand Canal last night


San Giorgio


San Marco from San Giorgio


Dome of San Giorgio


The statue that fell off the dome!


Shoes for Kimberly or Sandie


A purse for Joyce?


Mike on his way to Florence


6 thoughts on “A bordo del treno

  1. “Buongiorno” (actually “Buon pomeriggio” where you are). Enjoying your posts and loving the pics! Thanks for “taking us along with you” on this fantastic trip! And, yes, I love the purse – I’ll act surprised when you present it to me!!


  2. Great pictures – especially of the food. We are getting ideas of what to see and do on our cruise in that area in August. Thanks so much.


  3. I lovvvvvvve those shoes!!!! Food pics are great but it is fun to see something like that also! I am Barbara’s sister-in-law by the way.


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