Sunday in Venice

Woke after a wonderful sleep to a drizzly day but by the time of our rowing lesson, the sun was starting to peek through…and by the tine we finished, it was a beautiful sunny day. After our lesson, we had a wonderful lunch of seafood and then walked to San Marco to visit the basilica …it is Sunday after all. Now back at our B&B enjoying a rest before heading back out. Going to get full value from our vaporetto passes and ride around a bit and find some gelato since we didn’t have room after lunch as the chef comped us a Sgroppino al Limone, my new favorite Italian dessert, lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco whisked into a delicious milkshake like drink …yummy

Waiting for Jane our rowing professor.

Jane prepping the boat.

Mike working the oar

And my turn


We ordered the “taste of Venice” appetizer…who knew it was gonna have half the sea? It included scallops, baby shrimps on polenta, potato chips with shrimp, shrimp, tomato and arugula salad and the winner, really really tasty calamari.

We then had gnocchi with crab and Mike said, “Now I understand what you mean when you say Gnocchi are supposed to be like little pillows of air”

Despite being full, we just had to taste the grilled shrimp so we split a plate…thank goodness since it was huge too! Unfortunately I

20130421-182425.jpgforgot to take the picture until we were half finished.
And the sgropinno

And a few shots from our walk and visit to San Marco.






Several folks have asked where we ate. It was called Trattoria 40 Ladro in Cannaregio. It is on Fondamenta de la Sensa, which is one canal closer to the grand canal than the one in front of the Madonna dell’Orto church.

Tomorrow, off to Florence!

9 thoughts on “Sunday in Venice

  1. Great pics of You and Mike taking lessons, where was it that you had the delicious seafood. remember the name at all? You’re making us jealous lol.


  2. Hi Clay. I am Barbara Melielo’s sister. I will be in Italy with my brother and sister-in-law in September. The seafood looked great. What was the restaurant? Marianne


  3. looks like you are enjoying venice. the prosecco drink I have done without the vodka. will add it next time. I make risotto but not with seafood. will try that next time as well. enjoy Florence!


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