Vacation. Begins.

2:50 pm. Turned on the out of office assistant and forwarded the phone to voicemail and headed home.

3:30 pm. Double checked the door locks, turned off the poorly functioning air conditioning and hit the road.

5:10 pm. Arrive at Wilson’s BBQ in Emporia, Va…has to be the only good thing in Emporia!


5:15 pm. Vacation officially begins! Beer and fried pickles!



Had a great meal of the best beef brisket …yes David this visit confirmed it for me, it is better than that what we had in Texas last week! And the shared piece of coconut pie was good enough to make you slap yo mamma.

9:20 pm. Arrive at the aLoft Dulles north. Interesting lobby, like a LA nightclub, interesting room, low modern furniture but well laid out.

10:45 pm. Post this blog

11pm. Hit the sack. Night.

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