So after almost of year of watching our Air France Award Seats on the Airbus A380 (the world’s largest commercial airliner – double decked) on a weekly basis , I logged onto Air France’s website during lunch today to confirm what time I could check in tomorrow.  Still in the same seats, 60 K and L bulkhead, window and aisle – Great!  but then I noticed that another part of our reservation said we were flying on a Boeing 777-300 ER.  HUH?  Look again, thinking I had accidently looked at our return flight which IS on a 777.  Nope, outbound, April 19 – IAD to CDG – 777-300ER. 


I was really looking forward to flying on the new plane.  In fact that was the real reason I was willing to drive 5 hours to DC rather than taking Aitalia from JFK.  We had a choice of either when I booked the tickets.  CRAP.  Oh well, just have to deal with it, still be in biz, still enjoy the flight sitting beside Mike.  Just need to call and get them to reassign us seats. 

“Hello, Air France?”  

“Well sorta, we handle Delta, KLM and Air France”

“I need to be reassigned, I am assigned to Deck 2 on Row 60 in a plane that only has one deck and only goes to Row 54. ”

“Hmm, yes it appears your seats aren’t on this plane”

“Hmm, doesn’t look like we have any seats I can assign you”

“After a year of holding these reservations, I need you to find me two seats togther”

“I’m sorry….” “Can I speak to your supervisor”

“Hello, Mr. Clayton, I am sorry but we are unable to assign a seat.  That will have to be done at the gate.”

Slamming of phone.

Log onto ExpertFlyer, they are showing the 777.


Look at available seats in Biz.  None of the unoccupied seats are two together and none are available.  The ones blocked for gate assignment are typically the dreaded middle seat….yes I know can you believe that there is such a thing as a middle seat in Biz Class????


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