Our itinerary

4/18/13 Drive to Dulles

4/19/13. Air France to Paris, departs 4:15pm, Airbus 380!!!

4/20/13. Arrive Charles DeGaulle, 5:45 am. Depart for Bologna at 7:30 am arriving at 9:30. Train to Venice.

4/21/13. Gondola rowing lesson. See http://www.rowvenice.com

4/22/13. Train to Florence

4/23/13. Visit “David” & Medici Chapel

4/24/13. Train to Rome

4/25/13. Lunch with Francis at St. Pete’s

4/26/23. Coliseum and Roman Forum

4/27/13. Board Norwegian Jade

4/28/13. Naples-Pompeii and Almalfi Coast

4/29/13. Messina-wine tour near Mt. Etna and visit Taormina

4/30/13. Sea Day!

5/1/13. Dubrovnik

5/2/13. Split

5/3/13. Koper

5/4/13. Venice, fly back to Dulles via Paris, arrive 7:30 pm

5/5/13. Drive home to Knighdale

3 thoughts on “Our itinerary

  1. What a wonderful trip you guys had! Thanks so much for inviting us along. Mike must be thrilled with his first trip to Italy. I’ll bet it won’t be the only trip you both take there. Happy Birthday!


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